Monday, February 26, 2007

Pissy Malaysian Habits

1. Closing the lift door when you are standing right in front of it
2. Cutting in front if you from the emergency lane in traffic jams
3. Not getting out of the way of ambulances
4. Drink driving - it is NOT cool - YOU COULD KILL SOMEONE
5. Giving out projects/business to relatives and friends
6. Speaking in their own language at work/meetings
7. Not indicating before turns
8. Serving their own race first (in shops/eateries etc) - this is RACISM
9. Pretending to not know English
10. Not giving directions
11. Asking what your religion is on job applications - what does it matter???
12. Not stopping for pedestrians/cars - GIVE WAY
13. Quota systems
14. Having political parties that are segregated by race - what other country does this? Shouldn't political parties be segregated based upon differing political views?
15. Poking their nose in every one's business
16. Staring - if you don't know me - don't stare at me
17. Snatch thefts - at least fight me for it
18. Corruption - I just don't know who to trust
19. Lack of transparency/disclosure - don't you think it's time we had a Freedom of Information Act?
20. Jumping ques

Sadly I can go on for much longer...but have chosen to stop here in case i upset anyone...if I did, my apologies, but this is the TRUTH.

Wait, I have one more that I must add:
21. Only being nice to WHITE tourists/foreigners


<<~nawty shawty~>> said...

22. only puttin chinese ppl n adverts

23. Putting up job vacancies that include being Chinese as a requirement. eg: "Chinese only"

24. thinking that white skin is BEAUTIFUL, and tanned skin is FUGLY

PinKie eve said...

i don't think 15 is true. Aren't everyone in Malaysia just mind their own bussiness?